Featured artist Chris Cilento located in Rochester, NY. Featured artist Chris Cilento located in Rochester, NY.

From East Africa with Love

Women Artisans of Fairtrade Africa

The products we bring you from the countries of East Africa are all made by women artisans who are part of the 'Fairtrade Africa' effort to promote sustainable growth throughout the region. It's through this program they're offered better trade deals for their labor of love which allows them to plan for a better future and offers them a higher degree of protection against unstable markets.

By buying products with the Fairtrade mark, you're improving the livelihoods of farmers and artisans in Africa. You're also consuming more sustainably as Fairtrade supports producers in their battle against climate change.

Please be sure to check out our current collection of handwoven products.

For more information on Fairtrade Africa, please visit fairtradeafrica.net

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