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Rochester, NY

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Hi there! Branden Gums here. I'm the owner and sole operator of Finger Lakes Mercantile LLC and I'd like to welcome you to my tiny corner of the internet. This page is more a hybrid between a business page and my personal portfolio.

"So what do you offer?"

A solution to your needs or a direct connection in which to get it.

This business is essentially all of my skills wrapped into a corporation. I've done photography and videography for local theater groups and musicians at the Eastman School of Music. I've built websites, printed photo posters, canvas prints, metal prints, tumblers, ornaments, dog tags, mouse pads, and other sublimatable gift items. I'm a procurer of goods. The proverbial "Radar" to your M.A.S.H.. I have accounts with about 40 some-odd distributors and manufacturers both in the United States and overseas in industries in everything from trinkets to furniture, tactical gear, and medieval armor & weaponry including stage and re-enactment gear. I've located and procured products for health professionals such as massage therapists and chiropractors. My connections are not solely based in the United States, but span across international borders into Europe and Asia.

My products and services offered are fluid and ever expanding with time. While on paper there is no "we" within the entity itself, there is absolutely a "we" behind everything I offer. As a former Movement Control Specialist for the U.S. Army, I have a special place in my heart for logistics and that'll be made especially evident as you do business with me. If I don't do it myself, I find a quality business who does and often times I'm able to obtain those connections at wholesale cost for myself so I can offer those services to you. They make money, I make money, you get what you're looking for all in one place, and everyone's happy.

So the real question becomes: What do you need?

I look forward to answering that question with you.

(Side Note): Web design is currently not something I'm actively offering. But my portfolio, with a few of my projects, is available below for you to view.

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The focus of my services are in the B2B sector. If you're a business and would like to discuss a business arrangement, please contact me at Otherwise, you can visit the B2B Portal linked below.

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