24K Gold Plated Seahorse




Islanders believe that the seahorse is a luck of good charm. An attribute of the sea, the seahorse is considered to be a symbol of strength and power.  This beautiful looking seahorse makes a fantastic nautical decor or a perfect gift for marine life lovers.  Blended with shiny Swarovski crystal elements, the golden seahorse looks stunning.  


  • Hanging decor (matching gold hanging string included) 
  • Car decor

Product features:

  • 24K gold plated on cast iron  
  • Tarnish retardant coating ensure long lasting beauty 
  • Product dimensions: 3.25" L X 1.5" H X 0.75" W 
  • Gift Ready: Matching gift ready bag or box  
  • Quality guarantee: Crystal Temptation is a proud registered branding partner of Swarovski. All decorating crystals and rhinestones are exclusively made and supplied by Swarovski.  Authenticity tag included.  

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