24K Gold Plated Wedding Bell




Wedding superstition follows the thought that the bells would scare off evil spirits intent on ruining the new couple's happiness. The bells were thought to bring luck and fortune to the newlyweds.  This golden wedding bell is handcrafted with Swarovski crystal elements and makes a stunning wedding gift / decor.


  • Hanging decor (matching gold hanging string included) 
  • Car decor
  • Table decor 
  • Wedding decor
  • Cake decor 

Product features:

  • 24k gold plated cast iron
  • Tarnish retardant coating ensure long lasting beauty  
  • Product dimensions: 2.75" L X 2" H X 2" W 
  • Gift Ready: Matching gift ready bag or box  
  • Quality guarantee: Crystal Temptation is a proud registered branding partner of Swarovski. All decorating crystals and rhinestones are exclusively made and supplied by Swarovski.  Authenticity tag included.  

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